About Me

Hello! My name is Ekaterina Dobbelaere, and I am a fashion business expert with 5 years of global experience in designing, manufacturing, sourcing, branding, marketing, and co-running a family-owned luxury e-commerce pet brand and manufacturing business.

As a former fashion business co-owner, I have learned a lot. I have learned how to design and develop a product and an entire collection from scratch. I know where to find the best and most innovative fabrics, trimmings, and manufacturers. I have worked with 60+ suppliers. 

I learned how to create successful fashion-related email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and PR campaigns. 

I know how to optimize a fashion business and make it as digital as possible, where paper and even excel sheets are no longer needed. 

With all this experience, I will help you to build your fashion business, and e-commerce brand from scratch, find the perfect manufacturing partner, help with your collection design process, procurement, e-commerce part and guide you on your journey.