World Tailors Day. February 28. 

Sewing machines have revolutionized the world of fashion and tailoring, allowing us to create custom garments in a fraction of the time previously needed. 
World Tailors Day (February 28) is a day to celebrate the brilliance of Sir William Elias Howe, who invented sewing machines in 1845. 
So let us take a look at how he changed the fashion industry forever! 
Sir William Elias Howe was an American tailor, born in Massachusetts in 1819. He began sewing at an early age and dedicated his life to perfecting his craft. 
Howe took notice of the challenges faced by tailors while they worked and decided to find a more efficient way of creating garments, and thus invented the world's the first practical sewing machine in 1845. His invention was revolutionary; it allowed users to sew clothing, upholstery, luggage, and more with ease. 
With Howe’s machine, production times were reduced from days to mere minutes! 
The invention of the sewing machine was extremely influential for both fashion designers and consumers alike. It enabled rapid production of high-quality clothing in a fraction of the time previously required. 
Designers could now create custom garments that were both fashionable and affordable for everyday people. Furthermore, Howe’s invention has been credited with providing jobs and opportunities to people who wouldn’t have had them prior to his genius invention. 

Trend colours Spring-Summer 2023.



Trend colours Spring-Summer 2023.



Trend colours Spring-Summer 2023.

Exhibitions in January and February. UK area. 

 Here is the list of upcoming exhibitions to visit this winter in England. 


The London Textile Fair. 10,11 January. 

JATC in Manchester. 19,20 January. 

Springfair in Birmingham. 5-8 February. 

Source Fashion in London. 12-14 February. 

Pure London. 12-14 February. 

White Label Expo in London. 28 February. 

London Fabric Show. 28 February.