Why Choose Dobbelaere Fashion?

Why Choose Dobbelaere Fashion?


Whether you're a B2B client or a B2C customer, there are numerous advantages to choosing Dobbelaere Fashion. Here's why:

Made in West Yorkshire

 • Authentically Made: Unlike many brands that only design in the UK, all my items are made right here in West Yorkshire. Each garment, bag, and accessory is meticulously crafted by me at Unit 7, Windsor Works.

Inclusive Sizing

 • Extensive Size Range: All ladies' garments are available in 11 sizes, up to UK size 20-22, and in 4 different heights. This ensures that everyone can find a perfect fit.

 • Versatile Dog Carriers: My dog carriers come in 3 sizes and all include an orthopedic cushion, a design invented by my mother-in-law in the 80s, offering unparalleled comfort for your pets.

Expertise in Dog Carriers

 • Authentic Knowledge: Being part of a family that pioneered modern dog carrier designs, I bring authentic, time-tested expertise to every piece. Many current market models stem from our original innovations.

Quality Fabric Selection

 • Premium Materials: I prioritize quality over price. My portfolio includes 60+ trusted suppliers, some of whom have been with our family for over two decades, ensuring the finest materials for every product.

Fashion Insight

 • Trend Awareness: With an innate understanding of trends, fashion, and style, I create pieces that are always ahead of the curve. My natural flair for fashion ensures you receive stylish, contemporary designs every time.

By choosing Dobbelaere Fashion, you’re not only supporting a locally made, high-quality brand but also gaining access to unique, trend-forward pieces crafted with exceptional care and expertise.

If you're a shop owner looking for a new, interesting brand or a fashion-forward individual seeking exclusive items, Dobbelaere Fashion is your perfect choice.

Contact me today to learn more or to become a stockist.


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