Welcome to my outlet, where I believe in giving a second life to some of my designs instead of throwing them away. Here, you will find a variety of items including production samples, last pieces, items with minor mistakes, minor damages, fabric faults, and display items.

Please read the descriptions carefully to understand any imperfections and why each item has ended up in the outlet. It's a great opportunity to own unique Dobbelaere Fashion pieces at a fraction of the cost, while also supporting a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Happy shopping!

Dobbelaere Fashion was created to offer a wide range of fashion services. 

Fashion Brand Start-Up

Fashion brand Strat-up services:


marketing/product research

help with collection creation

fabrics and trimmings procurement

production-ready dog carrier collection packages

sample production

manufacturing partner sourcing

PR campaigns


website audit

social media plan

fashion e-commerce help 

competitor / consumer analysis

Fashion consulting

Fashion consulting services:

Body shape analysis

Body type

Complexion analysis

Wardrobe suggestions

Bespoke capsule creation

Interior decor

Interior decor services:

House declutter

Table decor for different occasions

House decor

Office decor

Party decor